Commercial & Contract Management

Pre-Contract Management: executing the appropriate contract for a project has increasing become cumbersome due to the environment in which businesses operate. Gone are the days when executing a contract was straight forward and the traditional procurement methods where adopted. We now live in a world where business operations have increasing become very complex resulting from innovation in technology, new and stringent government legislations and governance procedures, proliferation of multi-vendor procurement models and the sophistication and revolution of procurement and supply chain methodologies.

We appreciate the pressure involved in completing an agreement/contract timely and economically, thus our team of legal and commercial experts is well equipped to review the circumstance surrounding the impending contract, identify and inform the client of the risks involved as well as device solutions to mitigate the risks. We have provided pre-contract services for standard form contracts, customized contracts, joint venture agreements etc.

Our pre-contract services cover the following:

  • Identifying client requirements
  • Establishment of business-critical activities and key services
  • Development of business case and governance throughout the procurement process
  • Performance of Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Design a Risk Register and Allocation Model
  • Perform Procurement Modeling for employers and devise the optimum procurement strategy
  • Complete a Market Assessment
  • Supporting the bid process including:
    • Project Closure/handover to contract management team.
    • Management of supplier during the implementation/transition
    • Tender audits

Post-Contract Management: The execution of the contract brings about the need for high quality contract management as it makes significant difference to organizations bottom line.  We work with our clients from contract signature, change control, performance and service levels issues, through to project completion and the settlement of final accounts, we support our clients through informed evaluation of competing costs to determine best value criteria and ensure that our clients are armed with essential information (risks and rewards) which will lead to making a well-informed decision that will serve to benefit the organization and ultimately its bottom line.

Golden Fox value the role accurate and timely information plays in effective decision-making process. We have, therefore developed first class methodologies which are used to provide our clients with ongoing processes and systems to support delivery of the most appropriate and effective project and cost solutions.

Our proven approaches are essential tools which allow us to properly identify the obligations of each of the parties involved in the project, own, track and manage the tasks accordingly.

Through proper contract management and tracking of the obligations of each of the parties involved, we are able issue notices to the appropriate team or organization to ensure that each party meets its respective obligations thereby avoiding future disputes which creates lasting professional relationships.

We serve as a vital interface between the end-client, main contractor and its trading partners. Our breadth of experience and expertise in all market sectors at all stages of a project lifecycle allows us to successfully complete our engagement meeting our client’s commercial objectives.

The Post Contract services cover the following:

  • Transitional Services
  • Contract Audits
  • Contract Handover Services
  • Final Account Preparation and Assessment
  • Contract Closeout/Exit Arrangements
  • Dispute Resolution including claims management