Health and Safety Program

Golden Fox safety record is world-class. We deliver integrated & sustainable solutions for planning, design, and management of global infrastructure projects. Safety is one of our core values. We thrive in a “safety is my responsibility” culture and accept personal responsibility for creating a safe environment in all our tasks. 

Due to the nature of Golden Fox work, it is essential that Health and Safety (H&S) needs be considered from starting points & planning of projects through to work execution and completion of every project.

Golden Fox addresses safety throughout the life of a project and implements its corporate goal for all employees and subcontractors to work safely.

Golden Fox is proactive in assessing current Safety Programs and Trends to set strategies for years ahead. We implement this H&S Program to fulfill our commitment to employees and a dynamic range of clients to provide safe and healthy working conditions.

This H&S Program is presented in three parts:

  • Part 1 Health and Safety Program
  • Part 2 Safety Manual
  • Part 3 Environmental Protection Program (under development)

Health and Safety Manual