GV Oil & Gas Solutions is an experience oil commodity trader who prides itself in performing all transactions with integrity and excellence. Our commodity trading expertise includes Crude Oil, AGO/Gasoline, Aviation Fuel & Bitumen.

We work closely with our suppliers and clients alike to ensure that all our products are provided according to specification, in the right quantity, on time and at agreed cost. We can successfully deliver on our promise due to our knowledge in this arena, direct supply source with the appropriate authorities/suppliers, strategic financing partners and large storage facilities/reservoirs etc.

Our flexibility and innovation allow for different delivery options e.g. CIF, FOB, TTO, and TTT according to our client needs. We ensure that each delivery method of choice is dealt with in a transparent and detailed manner, along with adequate flow of communication/proper documentation.

Our fully trained professionals diligently undertake the Logistics to meet the requirements of our clients as well as help facilitate and maintain satisfactory relationship with clients/suppliers.

  • Crude Oil

Nigeria boasts of diverse crude of high value, low sulfur content, light crude oils to include: ANTAN BLEND, BONNY LIGHT CRUDE, BONNY MEDIUM, BRASS BLEND, ESCRAVOS LIGHT, IMA, QUA-IBOE LIGHT etc.

The very low sulfur content makes it a highly desired grade for its low corrosiveness to refinery infrastructure with a lower environmental impact of its by products in refinery emission.

  • AGO/Gasolin

GV Oil & Gas Solutions operation is designed to meet specific client needs per quantity and delivery method. We have developed strategic partnerships with local and international refineries to supply in bulk and retail. We cater to quantity demands ranging from 10,000MT – 100,000MT per shipment on FOB, CIF, TTT, TTO basis.

 Our clientele in the retail forum includes hotels, construction companies, schools, restaurants, banks, estates etc.

We pride ourselves in the quality of products we sell, thus ensure that our products come with appropriate documentation, is of high quality and based on NNPC and International standard.

  • Aviation Fuel

We distribute high quality aviation jet fuels to include gasoline, turbine fuels and power boost fluids to airports and private airlines.

Additives may be included in the aviation fuels to improve fuel performance by eliminating undesirable effects or to meet specific requirements of certain aircraft or airline operators.

  • Bitumen

GV Oil & Gas Solutions is well versed in the supply of Bitumen in accordance to our client’s specification. Bitumen is a by-product of crude oil produced during fractional distillation. The Bitumen 60/70 is usually blended with solvents like DPK to produce other grades of the product called Cutbacks. Examples of the cutback are MCO, MC1, S125 and Colas A. The above grades are usually applied during the various stages of road & building construction. Bitumen 60/70 is also mixed with granite to produce ASPHALT which is the major product used for road construction.