Successful organizational change requires a good plan and superb follow-through on execution. Golden Fox developed methodologies for organizational transformation and transition to help businesses successfully change themselves when reorganizing, merging or acquiring other companies. The need for change management also comes into play when business processes are optimized, technology systems are updated or some other type of sweeping organizational transformation will occur. All of these situations impact the people that make up the organization and must be considered and planned for in terms of fostering acceptance within the workforce and quickly returning the operations to high productivity. In such circumstances, there is no substitute for having the knowledge, process and experience of a world-class planning and change management consulting company like Golden Fox Innovative Solutions Ltd.

Our Change Management Approach

Our framework helps our clients plan effectively for transformation, avoiding the many possible mistakes that might otherwise compromise the mission. We begin with the development of a road map for the change that charts the course every step of the way from your current day model to the new organization. The resulting transition plan is thoughtful, thorough and can be implemented on your own or with our help. Where business process change is involved, our behavioral science based approach is applied to the evaluation of people, the model and organizational performance – threading the needle between the four major components of the business ecosystem:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • People
  • Process

Our approach does the following:

  • Helps build the necessarily sense of urgency
  • Helps identify and build the transformation team / coalition
  • Guides the development of transformation vision and strategy
  • Addresses communication requirements and strategy
  • Helps remove roadblocks to change by fostering empowered players in the process
  • Creates excitement by showing visible progress through metrics and short-term successes
  • Anchors change through performance and productivity objectives