Integrated Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement is a critical business function which must be effectively managed with a model that fosters strategic planning, flexibility and incorporates integrated approach; leveraging expertise, information technology and process automation to meet distinct, urgent needs and ever-changing business requirements.

Golden Fox, a leading procurement service provider offers integrated services that look at the entire supply lifecycle with the goal to ensure continuous and smooth operation of our client business. We look forward to engaging with your organisation to optimize and transform your procurement requirements in sectors to include, but not limited to the following:

  • Heavy Duty Construction Equipment and Materials
  • Equipment & Chemicals for Industrial Operations
  • OEM Spare Parts
  • Services and/or Products to meet Contractual requirements
  • Aviation & Marine Equipment & Solutions
  • Military/Defense Equipment and Solutions
  • Inventory for your organization
  • Procurement for Conflict Affected and High-Risk Areas (CAHRAs)
  • Campaign Merchandise for elections (local, regional or national)

Procurement Lifecycle

We are committed to achieving exceptional result for our clients, hence the application of a well-defined procurement lifecycle underpinned by a governance structure that fosters a competitive advantage. The diagram illustrates the stages and the benefits that can be derived.

Our Integrated Procurement Outsourcing Services

Golden Fox offers Integrated Outsourcing Solution to our clients for the purposes of optimizing and transforming thier procurement process.

The Consolidated Outsourcing Solution shall offer the opportunity to work with your business functions to design a “Procurement Plan” that identifies and consolidates requirements and determine the timeline (Demand Forecast) for their procurement with the aim to procure and deliver as and when required without any business disruption. 

Our goal is to embark on this project on the mutual objectives of delivering all procurement requirements on time, to budget, to quality with continuous performance and supplier management.

Why our Consolidate & Integrated Procurement Outsourcing Services?

Engaging our flexible Integrated Procurement Outsourcing services shall transfer all or some of the tasks associated with vetting, securing and managing the vendors that supply products and services to your organisation to Golden Fox.

We shall take the primary responsibility of handling your procurement needs and operate in the marketplace on behalf of your business.

Our goal is to become a strategic partner to achieve cost savings, increase efficiency, manage ongoing relationships with suppliers, develop systems to evaluate performance, thereby allowing your organisaton to reallocate resources to core operations.

The Value Driver for engaging an Integrated Procurement Outsourcing Services

Golden Fox aim to deliver greater value for our clients over the longer term by achieving measurable and sustainable results and affording the organisation the opportunity to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively. We help the business continuity of the organisation by proffering these benefits in our service delivery:

  • Establish Demand Forecast & Analysis
  • Develop Procurement
  • Category Management
  • Spend Analysis
  • Facilitate Global Spend
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Increase spend visibility
  • Improve compliance and transparency
  • Improve user experience
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Flexibility to rapidly respond to change
  • Enabling Supplier Management end analytics
Golden Fox prides itself in achieving outstanding results in the delivery of our Integrated Procurement Outsourcing services. Our success is attributable to our global centric capabilities, innovation, flexible and tailored solutions to meet our client’s specific objective (Strategic, Operational and Financial Objectives).

Savings focused Procurement Outsourcing Services
• Spend Analysis
• Strategi Sourcing
• Category Management
• Sourcing Support
• Tails-Spend Management

Operations focused Procurement Outsourcing Services
• Spend Analysis
• Transactions Management
• Contract Management
• Sourcing Management
• Sourcing Process Management
• Tracking and Compliance

Our Outsourcing Process

Our strategy is to work with our clients to understand their requirements and design an outsourcing process that allows for agile reaction to the needs of the organisation