Supplier Quality Management

The purpose of the Golden Fox Supplier Quality Manual is to enhance a uniform way for all Golden Fox global procurement organizations to communicate requirements and expectations to Golden Fox suppliers regarding quality performance.

The Supplier Quality Manual represents Golden Fox practices and ways of working. Golden Fox suppliers must comply with the requirements by signing a Golden Fox Supplier Quality Agreement. Suppliers shall refer to the Supplier Quality Manual to be informed and understand expectations and specified Golden Fox requirements regarding quality. The intention is that suppliers together with Golden Fox proactively work and embrace a continuous improvement mindset. It is expected that Golden Fox suppliers are building a quality culture by using the required disciplines based on established specification.

Suppliers are expected to perform a detailed review and discuss specifications with Golden Fox Purchasing or the Golden Fox Supplier Quality Assurance organization to understand specific requirements and to ensure effective business regarding quality, logistics and commercial aspects.

Requirements in the Golden Fox Supplier Quality Manual covers all quality matters related to all deliveries from the supplier to any Golden Fox establishment or Golden Fox customer(s).

The supplier recognizes the responsibility to deliver parts and products to Golden Fox with 0-defects and with full conformity to specifications. In case of deviations, the supplier is expected to carry out containment action(s), root-cause analysis, corrective action(s) and evaluating preventive action(s) as mandatory steps according to the 8D problem solving method.

The supplier is fully responsible for all parts, products and services supported by the supplier’s sub- suppliers. The supplier shall ensure that sub-suppliers are fulfilling specified Golden Fox requirements for parts, products and services destined for Golden Fox.

When relevant, Golden Fox will define special characteristics related to the design and the supplier shall identify process related special characteristics in a P-FMEA document. All special characteristics must be documented in a Control Plan. Special characteristics are synonymous with critical, key and/or safety characteristics.

In general, all specified Golden Fox requirements in this document must be met unless deviations are agreed in writing with the corresponding Golden Fox quality responsible party.

Supplier Quality Manual (PDF)